Six Reasons to Visit Saint Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Russia but also in Eastern Europe at large. This former capital of Russia is the most accessible, cultural and tourist-worthy city you need to visit. It is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow, with over five million inhabitants in the midst diverse culture. St. Petersburg is the number one travel destination for both foreigners and locals. This city is rich in history and culture that you must experience at least once in your life. Here are reasons why you should make St. Petersburg your next travel destination.

Great Museums and Art Galleries.

Although the Russian capital has tons of museums and theaters, St. Petersburg remains the widely known capital of the Russian culture. St. Petersburg Street Art Museum which is located at a former plastics factory has fine art that any art lover will find impressive. If you don’t prefer plastic Factories, you will still find classical works in the famous Hermitage museum. Not to mention the Loft Project ETAGI which is full of galleries, hip cafes, and bookstores. Visiting St. Petersburg will allow you have the opportunity to enjoy the contemporary art scene of this city.

Large Parks

Do you love relaxing in a park? St. Petersburg has several parks that will make your leisure more fascinating. The Lower Park which is located between the seashore and the Grand Palace has the world’s largest system of fountains. There is also the Grand Cascade just below the Grand Palace, and it has a stunning golden statue of Samson taking hold of the jaws of the lion. The park has unparalleled cascades made with different designs.

Imperial Palaces and Buildings

All the St. Petersburg palaces are the most stunning and charming building you can ever come across. The Pavlovsk Palace was the residence of the great Paul I, and it has beautiful interiors. You can relax in the Serene Palace gardens which have many pavilions including the Pavilion of the Three Graces, the Temple of Friendship among others.  

Stunning Churches and Cathedrals

The churches in St. Petersburg are veritable architectural masterpieces. Besides being places of worship, they are also places worth your visit because of their unparalleled beauty and history.  Don’t miss to visit the St. Isaac Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood and the attractive Kazan Cathedral which are part of the world architecture heritage.

Enjoy the Russian Fusion Cuisine

St. Petersburg has many interesting restaurants and cafes that offer foods at affordable prices. From a romantic dinner to a memorable international cuisine, you will find plenty of choices to satisfy your appetite.

Experience the White Nights

There is no city with white nights that are so romantic and poetic other than St. Petersburg. From late May to early July, night never falls on this city. You can even have a walk around the city late in the night or read a book without electricity during this period. Make St. Petersburg your next travel destination and enjoy these fascinating scenes.


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