Russia’s Hottest Destinations: A Brief Guide

Many people know Russia through its Communist regime, scores of Tsars and Mongolian conquests. While those pieces of history are essential facts one needs to be aware of, those events do not sum up the country as a whole. Russia is a vast country with one of the most exquisite natural sites in the world, a vibrant culture, wonderful art, and architecture and a significant contribution to the world of dance. Those reasons made the area a constant hot destination for savvy travelers.

The architecture of the country is believed to be distinctive and innovative according to experts. Its rich historical and cultural monuments are listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Travelers also flock to places like the so-called Golden Ring of Russia, the many museums in the country plus of course, its exquisite natural wonders.

Places of Interest

Russia, as mentioned earlier, is a massive country. Thus it contains over a hundred natural parks, nature reserves, big rivers, lakes, mountains, and volcanoes. If you want to witness the country’s well-known coastlines, you can visit one of the resorts over the Black Sea. Book a flight during the hotter months in the country if you like a nice nature trek and visit one or two of the country’s parks or reserves.

Of course who does not want to see the wonder that is the Red Square? This area is the landmark of famous sites in the country from the Kremlin down to St. Basil’s Cathedral. When you are in Russia, do not forget to check out Vladimir Lenin’s museum, the Tretyakov Gallery that is a must-see site for art lovers, the Andrew Rublev museum, the Armory and the Borodino Panorama.

Those who have experienced the might of Russia’s greatest spots will also recommend places like the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, the Museum of Curiosities and the Golden Ring towns and cities—composed of Pereslavi, Rostov, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad and Kostroma. While you are at it, include in your itinerary the beautiful palaces and parks in Pushkin, Peterhof, and Pavlovsk.

If you are interested in local architecture, you should not miss the country’s contribution to this particular form of art. Check out the Kizhi Museum of Wooden Architecture, Smolensk’s Architectural Museum, Ivan the Terrible’s palace in Vologda and the Kremlin.

Moscow has its fair share of sights that tourists need to experience. There’s Kutuzov Avenue, where the Triumphal Arc is located, places of worship like the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Epiphany Cathedral and museums like the Pushkin Museum.

St. Petersburg has frequently been referred to as the North’s Venice because of its significant architectural and historical legacy. It has the Cathedral of the Savior on the Spilled Blood and the Isaac Cathedral, which are excellent visual settings. Many tourists who want a taste of the local color also like strolling down the streets of the Kazan Cathedral street, the Architect Rossi street, and the Nevsky Prospect. Other St. Petersburg sites you should not miss are the Summer Garden. The Palace Square/Winter Palace, the Russian National Library, the Arts Square/Russian Museum, the Ostrovsky Square, the St. Petersburg Academic Theater of Drama and the Engineer’s Castle.

Truly, Russia has attracted scores of tourists through the years despite its complex history. It is a country for travelers who love architecture and the arts. It is also the place to be for nature travelers who love trekking and taking in wonderful trails and gorgeous scenery, a recommended spot for culture vultures.



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