Reasons to Travel to Moscow, Russia

Rich in history and home to some of the finest architecture around the globe, Moscow is one of the great places to visit. It may not be high on everyone’s holiday travel list, but it should be. This is not only one of Europe’s great cultural destinations but also one of the largest and most densely populated cities in the world. Everyone who visits Moscow always finds their own reason to come back over and over again. Being home to over ten million people, it is hardly surprising that this city is visual, culturally and historically diverse. Moscow Russia is indisputably one of the fascinating cities to visit on your vacation. Here are top six reasons you should visit Moscow.

The Red Square

The Red Square is one of the amazing man-made attraction in Moscow. The Red Square is considered to be the epicenter of Russia because most of the major highways of the capital originate from here. Moreover, it also homes to most of Russia’s historical events. When you walk the uneven cobbles along the multitudes of locals, you will see Russia’s history portrayed in the architecture.  

Explore Famous Art Galleries and Museums

If you’re an art lover, Moscow is the best city you should visit. Additionally, it is the best place to start for those dipping their toes into the art world. The Tretyakov Gallery has the world-class collection of Russian art. Visiting the historical museum of Moscow which is located on the Red Square will also give you the opportunity to view the amazing history of Russia. There are several art places such as Falcon Design Factory and ARTPLAY Centre of design which you will come to love.

Enjoy the Russian Cuisine

Moscow city has a variety of foods, dining scenes and flavors for everyone’s taste. You can find the great food you want everywhere at any time. This city has over two thousand restaurants, and new food places still pop up almost every week. If you need a gastronomic experience, Moscow is the ideal place for you to visit.   

Religious History

The famous St. Basil’s Cathedral is on the opposite side of the Voskresensky Gate of the Red Square. It was built in honor of conquest of the Kazan Khanate. This cathedral is an architectural masterpiece with nine altars on the same foundation. When visiting Moscow, St Basil is a place you must visit.

Great Shopping Centre

Moscow city has great shopping centers such as the GUM departmental store. This is one of the largest shopping centers in Europe. Besides being a great shopping center, it is also famous for its architecture. You will get what you need from the different brands of goods. It is also a cultural center with many cafes and restaurants.


As it is said that Moscow never sleeps, probably you may need to stay awake overnight. This city has an amazing array of nightlife options and different scenes for everyone’s’ preference. So, if you’re up for a party, this is the ideal place to visit. You can walk into a smoky jazz club or just hang around with beer and the local vodka. Whatever your preference is, this city will always accommodate you.

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