Prep Tips for a Russian Trip

Russia is a big country, and it has so many spots that you need to check out. Because of this, you will be indeed, plenty busy. The trip is going to be a visual and auditory overload hence you need some mean preparations to make your trip run as smooth as possible. Here are some suggestions you need to remember for a hassle-free ride to the land of Tsars, vodka, and caviar.

  1. Get a visa

First and foremost, you need a Russian tourist visa for your trip. The expenses for this particular visa will set you back up to 200 dollars including the visa invitation and the registration needed as you arrive in the country. There are lots of agencies online who can provide tourist visas for travelers.

  1. Settle what season you would like to visit the country

This is something travelers need to take note of; the price of an airline ticket varies significantly based on the season you decide to tour the country. In general, summer is Russia’s peak season, so it is the most expensive. Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world, so if you want to steer clear of winter, your best bets would have to visit in autumn or spring. Booking during those seasons are more affordable because airlines want to fill up seats quickly.

  1. Do not forget to book accommodations in advance

Booking accommodations in advance will lead to early bird discounts. More often than not, hotels in areas like Moscow and St Petersburg are most likely filled up for most of the year.

  1. Request travel agencies to set up transportation for you

If you do not have the time to book for transportation from the airport to your choice accommodation, then request your travel agency kindly to book you one. Some tourists do get ripped off if they forget this crucial step. There is a standard fee for the arrangement, and it is generally cheaper compared to being ripped off hundreds of dollars upon embarking in the country.

  1. Deal with customs declarations

When arriving and disembarking Russia, travelers are required to declare all of the items that they bring in and carry out of the place. This includes items like personal belongings, electronics, souvenirs and more.

  1. Check out the means of transportation around the country

Visiting your choice spots in the country means dealing with transportation. Russia has excellent transportation systems in the form of taxis, trains, and buses. You can also rent cars while you are in the area. If you prefer taxis, you must look for ones with company logos on them and request for the price before a trip. If you prefer renting a vehicle, remember you need to pay a road tax and follow speed limit rules on secondary and major roads.

  1. Tipping know-how

Hotel bills usually include charges for hotel services. However, if you want to present a tip, you can provide 5.15 percent in restaurants and hotels.

  1. Changing currencies

Foreign bills can be converted easily into the ruble, which is the country’s national currency. There are places in Russia who take in foreign currencies as well particularly the dollar. Remember not to bring traveler’s checks because they are not accepted.

  1. Safety precautions

It is ideal that travelers do not visit politically unstable parts of the country that are on the news. Make sure to follow the rules of the land. Do not throw your trash in the street, do not take photographs of policemen and do not get out of the country without having all of your items declared by customs.

Russia is one of the most interesting places in the world, and if you want a hassle-free trip, it pays to know and follow the rules and remember the tips mentioned in this article.


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