Make That Russian Trip More Affordable

Savvy travelers know how to make their trips cheaper. The trick here is to find great deals on flight tickets and accommodations. Russia is a huge country, so you do need more extras not only from hopping from one attraction to another, you got to have room for those souvenirs you want to gift yourself, your friends and family. Therefore, here is some quick, proven advice on how to produce a Russian trip without breaking the bank.

Flight Tickets

If you want to book a cheap flight, check out the sites of online travel agencies. After settling on your destination and travel date, input those data and the site will look for relevant accommodations, airlines and rental vehicle companies related to your trip. After the search, the site will then display the best prices depending on your inquiry’s specifications.

When looking for flights, make sure to have several travel agency options. As much as possible, do allot more time in deciding a good travel date. There is a reason why travel dates are crucial for acquiring g great deals—prices differ significantly for weekdays, weekends and seasons. If you want to guarantee an affordable ticket, it pays to check all days of the week. While acquiring all that information on a range of sites can be tedious work, it will pay off very well in the end!


After booking a ticket, you need to take care of your accommodations. This is also essential especially if you are planning on embarking on Russia’s most popular spots like Moscow and St. Petersburg. More often than not, all hotel room accommodations are reserved for all of the year. If you want to stay in a hotel for most of your trip, you can then again do your homework through the travel agency tip mentioned earlier.

However, there are in fact more affordable means to stay in the country. You can opt for apartments instead. If you are staying in the country for more than a week, the savings you can acquire from renting a 1-bedroom apartment in the country can run from the thousands. Then again, do your research and look for apartment accommodations online. Rents do differ depending on the locations. Cities like Moscow have higher fees for apartment rentals. However, they are still cheaper compared to hotel rooms.

Another excellent advantage of renting an apartment instead of hotel reservations is more freedom to do your thing. You can cook your own meals and wash your laundry. This means you will not have to carry lots of clothing with you during the trip and you will not need to shell out money for food in expensive restaurants.

For an easier search online, go to Google or any search engine, jot in your target destination in the country and follow the keyword with the word “apartments.” The search engine will then display a good range of options for you to choose from.

There are lots of sights to see and sounds to enjoy in the country. That is why one method to enjoy your experiences more is to become more economical. If you can stretch your money, you might not be limited to only one or two places during your stay.   


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