Most Magical Activities to do in Moscow in Winter

What you might have never found out is that Russians are experts when it comes to making the cold winter season fun and festive. Of course, no one will believe it when they are told that Moscow is a visual wonder during winter especially if they have never been there in person. The truth is that the cold season in the Russian Capital is a fairy-tale come true. Overestimating the influence of the cold temperatures on your travel experience is the wrong thing to do. All you need to do is pack a warm coat, put on waterproof shoes and cozy underwear and you’ll be good to go.

Beautiful and exciting parks characterize the winter season in Moscow Other features include lights shimmering on your way and churches and other structures covered in sugar powder. Does that sound like a unique experience? Well, here are magical activities to keep you entertained and having fun during this time.

Be captivated and thrilled by the VDNH Ice-Skating Rink

One of the major things to do in Moscow at this time of the year is to visit open-air skating rink. Who doesn’t love being thrilled and having fun? Skating around ancient monuments and other artistic structures will give you much energy. You don’t have to be an expert in ice-skating. Even a novice will have fun as they skate around the glorious surroundings. If you don’t have skates, the VDNH has some for you. Why not rent then get started? If ice-skating isn’t your thing, you can choose to rest at one of the vendors and enjoy some coffee. Walking into the enormous park will also be a highlight of your time here.

Take an Icebreaker Cruise on the Moscow River

As mentioned, coming to Moscow in winter can provide you with the best travel experience ever. You can enjoy spectacular views of the Russian capital from the Moscow River by taking an icebreaker boat cruise. Remember this is the cold season and there’s crusted ice all over the river. The cruise lasts about two hours and offers you the best moment to enjoy dinner or lunch with your friends while having views of the snow-capped sights of the city.

Attend Moscow’s Winter Festivals

Anyone who has been to Moscow in winter will tell you that Russians are the best when it comes to celebrating the cold winter weather and the holiday season. Despite the fact that Moscow’s winter Festival takes place at the same time other winter festivals are held across the country, it’s a huge event due to the city’s resources and popularity. Travelers and locals flock the city from mid-December to mid-January to experience the December Nights and the New Year’s Eve festival at the Red Square.

Be Stunned by the Splendor and Beauty of Gorky Park

If you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends, Gorky Park is a must-visit in winter. From dance lessons to mingling music, the park has plenty of activities to offer. In winter, both locals and visitors come here for ice skating, guided tours, and a writer’s club. After skating with your family or friends, it’s time to spend some tile walking along the bank of Moscow River before heading back and exploring enthralling exhibitions inside the park.

Painting on Snow Competition at the Sokolniki Park

Your vacation should be full of fun regardless of the time you travel to Russia. Participating in the “Art of Snow,” at the Sokolniki Park in Moscow will make your trip more exciting. Let your family create temporary masterpieces on what looks like a white canvas on the ground. Of course, there are many other families participating which makes it more fun and exciting.

Be Enchanted by the Stanislavsky Theater

Moscow is home to some of the world’s best theaters, and Stanislavsky Theater is one of them. The theater lies at the center of Moscow and attracts both locals and visitors who come to experience contemporary and classical ballet and opera. Get entertained at an affordable price. Remember to explore the Mayakovskaya metro station after awakening your inner artist at the theater.


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