Why Include Russia in Your 2018 Travel List?

Russia is one of the European countries with plenty of interesting stuff to offer for its tourists. Known to be the largest country in the world, Russia has incredible architecture, great history, world-class hotels and restaurants, art and culture and much more to offer any luxury traveler. However, 2018 is going to be a special year for Russia fanciers because there are plenty of new events coming up. From the football world cup to the opening of the Lakhta Centre, there are plenty reasons to include Russia on your travel list this year. Here are the top reasons why you absolutely need to visit Russia in 2018.

Watch the Football World Cup.

This summer, Russia will be opening the gates for soccer fans from all parts of the world. You can have the opportunity to watch the matches as well as interact with people from all over the world. However, the best news is that you don’t need a visa to visit Russia as long as you have the football ticket. You will get a fan ID that entitles you to use public transportation during the prescribed validity days. You can explore the country to its fullest in-between the match schedules.

Year of The Ballet

This year was announced as the year of ballet. Besides the presidential elections that will be in spring, there will be this great dance festival. If you don’t want to miss the famous dancing performances this year, prepare your journey to Russia. Visit the Mariinsky Theater and the Bolshoi theater to enjoy the performances.

Lakhta Centre Opening.

The opening of the Lakhta Centre in St. Petersburg is expected to be this year. This building which was designed by the British architect Tony Kettle will be the tallest skyscraper in Europe. This will be a sports Center with offices.   

Immerse Yourself in History

Are you fond of the religious and historical building? Russia is definitely the place to visit. Although the Russian history reads like fiction, it is a reality. Visiting Russia will make you see the history of events regardless of the period you’re interested in. From the stunning imperial palace buildings to the architectural masterpiece churches, you will find much to love in Russia. You will be able to visit the old, older and oldest museums with millions of art pieces that you will love.

The Food and Drinks

The amazing taste of Russian food is one of the reasons you should visit Russia this year. Russian food is usually unique in both ingredients and taste. With the weekly popping up of new hotels and restaurants, you can be sure to get the food that will satisfy you. Not to mention the Russian vodka which is famous for its classic taste.

Longest and Fastest Transportation in The World

Russia is well known for its fastest transportation system in the world. The Trans-Siberian line is the longest line in the world while Moscow Metro is the fastest line in the world. You can choose to either enjoy the fastest travel experience by getting a metro ticket or opt for the Trans-Siberian train.


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