The Five Most Beautiful Travel Destinations in Russia

Anyone who has traveled to or vacationed in Russia understands that it’s one of the vastest and mysterious countries in the world today. Each person comes up with their travel to-do list each year. Well, it’s time you incorporated new ideas, itineraries, and inspirations in your travel list. Of course, Russia hasn’t been on your list of holiday destinations for years- but it’s time you included it. Russia is a country with a matchless depth of historical and cultural riches, not to mention its diverse landscapes that have continued to inspire poets and artists across the globe.

Travel to Russia and explore the country’s incredible mountains, beautiful beaches, spectacular volcanoes, ethnic villages, deserts, and more. Here are some of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world’s largest country.

St. Petersburg

If you’ve been to St. Petersburg, you’ll agree to the fact that it’s the most European city in Russia. The city is full of romantic ambiance and imperial spirit and makes a wonderful travel destination for culture and history lovers. Of course, there’s something for everyone too. St. Petersburg is the place to be if you’re a genuine lover of classical things like theater, ballet, and opera. You might need more than a week to cover the city’s cultural heritage. Take some time and explore monuments and buildings of historical importance like the Paul and Peter Fortress and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. National museums also wait to be explored in this beautiful city. Plan to vacation in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks so you can explore its attractions and make the most of your trip.


Moscow is not only a hub of intellectual and creative energy but also home to the largest community of billionaires in the world. That explains why the Russian capital is always regarded or referred to as a city of superlatives and dramatic contrasts. Despite being an expensive city, Moscow boasts of world-class art galleries, thrilling nightlife, iconic landmarks, cultural centers, topnotch restaurants and shopping, remarkable historical sights, and impressive museums. Visitors from across the world come here to explore some of the best cultural institutions, museums, and galleries around the world.

Lake Onega and Kizhi Island

While Kizhi Island isn’t as famous as St. Petersburg and Moscow, it’s equally a destination that has plenty to offer visitors and locals. Lake Onega can be found towards the north-west part of the country and is Europe’s second largest freshwater lake. Spending some time around here while fishing is worth your time. The lake features different types of fish including whitefish, bream catfish, sturgeon, trout, and salmon. Kizhi Island features eighty-nine monuments of well-preserved and maintained architectural buildings from the fifteenth and twentieth century. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site and will be a major highlight of your trip to Russia.

The Golden Ring

Located towards the northeastern part of Moscow, the Golden Ring is a clutch of ancient villages, medieval fortresses, and picturesque old-world towns that offers visitors a taste and an experience of the bygone times. It’s the most enchanting travel destination the European country has to offer. Come here and explore century-old crafting traditions, unique architecture, culture, and history.


Located about four thousand miles from Moscow, Vladivostok is one of the most attractive cities in Russia. The city has hilly streets, a scenic location, lovely cuisine, and uninterrupted sea views that leave visitors thinking they are in San Francisco. Travelers come here to explore the city’s modern architecture and enjoy its endless entertainment opportunities. Places of interest in this city include the Sportivnaya Habor, Ploschad Bortsov Revolutsy, the Arseniev Regional History Museum, the Russky Island Bridge, and the Primorsky State Art Gallery.


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