All About Russia’s Scrumptious Cuisine

Russian travel is not complete without partaking in the local cuisine. Russia’s cuisine is not the most recognized in Europe, but regardless, it is indeed one of the tastiest in the world. They are filling and packed with flavor. They are also distinctive, and one can easily single out the dishes as significantly Russian.

Russia has the traditional borscht and stuffed cabbages, which are two of the most popular dishes coming from the region. Here is some information about local fare that foodies are raving about.

  • Borscht

Borscht is a well-known dish of Russian and Ukrainian origin. You will notice there are different ways in which the dish is made in various parts of the country, with the Ukrainian kind as the most popular. Borscht is a neat gathering of ingredients that will satisfy foodies, though its main ingredient is beets. Borscht can be prepared with meat, potatoes, sour cream, dill, carrots, and cabbage. For locals, borscht tastes even better the next day.

The dish can be served hot or cold, but regardless of when you are serving the dish, it remains delicious. This is a filling dish that one can east anytime of the day, at any year.

  • Golubtsi

Golubtsi refers to stuffed cabbages. These stuffed food items can be marinated in a wide range of sauces. Locals make use of a whole head of cabbage to make this meal, and its leaves are packed with meat, rice and at times, peppers and onions. It is a dish that most travelers often try first in restaurants. Like borscht, it is a filling meal. It is also a complete meal by itself.

  • Blini

The blini makes for a fast meal. It has the same characteristics as the French crepe. You can try out this dish in any café, food stand or restaurant anywhere in the country. Blinis are generally affordable, and they are super tasty. It can be filled with anything, from savory fillings to sweet ones.

  • Vareniki

Vareniki looks like a pierogi, and it is stuffed with cheese, potatoes or any other delicious filling. This is a great snack that is thoroughly enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

  • Pelmeni

Like the vareniki, the pelmeni is a stuffed dish however unlike the former, it is filled with nothing but meat. Pelmeni has the same appearance as dumplings, and they are typically small. They go very well with sour cream and makes for a satisfying snack or meal.

  • Bubliki

Bubliki is a type of doughnut found in the country. It is usually served at breakfast and enjoyed with a piping-hot cup of coffee or tea.

  • Syrniki

If you have a sweet tooth, the syrniki is the most popular desert choice in the country. These are tasty scones made with cottage cheese and mixed with ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs. Locals serve it with sour cream and honey.

Russia has a simple yet delicious fare that every traveler must try out. These foods can be enjoyed in restaurants, cafes and food stands scattered all over the country. To fully enjoy the cuisine, you need to experience it in Russia of course. Your stomach and taste buds will feel blessed after all that serious tasting!


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