About Me

I am of russian descent. My parents were both Russian, actually being born in Russia. Traveling to russia is one of my favorite things, but I do not think I would like living there full time. The cold is bitter and people are much nicer in the United States. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE Russia, and that is exactly why I started this site to talk about awesome places to go for people who are visiting Russia.

Russia is Beautiful

The country of Russia is quite beautiful. Many people mistake it for being not as pretty because it is all covered in Ice. In fact, this gives it a lot of its beauty.

Russian Hockey is Awesome

Russian hockey is so awesome compared to American hockey. I mean it is like 0 degrees all the time, and the main sport they play is hockey. So even if you go ot a little league hockey match, you are in for some serious Hockey!

Russia is Tough

Listen, I don’t like people anymore than the next guy and I sure do not want you sparking a conversation with me on the bus. Russia is a little different than America where people tend to keep more to themselves.

Anyways, long story short I love traveling to Russia. I think you will to!