5 Must-see Attractions in Russia

Russia has been known for its long history of volatility and turbulence which is why most people never think of it as a country where beauty can be found. Well, this is wrong since Russia is home to some of the most exciting historical sites and beautiful buildings in the world. Planning your vacation of a trip to Russia can be a daunting task given the enormous size of the country. This is a country that’s characterized by colorful history and a distinctive culture that provides visitors with lots of things to see and explore.

There’s plenty of great things to explore and see in Russia even as you spend time at the different Historic Sites in the country. To make the most of your trip exploring the historical monuments, museums, and palaces in Russia, consider dividing your tour between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here’s a fantastic selection of Russia’s famous historical sites.

Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral

Right at the heart of Moscow lies one of Russia’s top tourist attraction, St. Basil’s Cathedral. One of the things you’ll love about the cathedral is its distinctive architecture. Of course, that’s what attracts visitors from across the country and other parts of the world. The Cathedral’s architecture resembles or takes the shape of a bonfire in full flame and remains distinctive and unique to date. Designed and built in the mid-16th century, the Russian Orthodox building borders the Red Square and is a museum today. It’s time you explore this magnificent 16th-century creation.

Moscow’s Metro Stations

Well, no one would expect public transportation to appear on the same list or rather rank with palaces or churches as a must-see destination. However, things are quite different with the Metro in Moscow. That must have gotten your attention. Moscow’s Metro stations are unusually grand, bedecked in unique, intricate mosaics as well as bronze statues. They form part of the country’s chief architectural sights which is why they are a must-see. Consider making a stop at Mayakovskaya or Ploshchad Revolutsii stations. Alternatively, a stop at any point along the Circle Line will be rewarding.

Moscow Kremlin

Located in Central Moscow and next to the Red Square, the Kremlin is one of the World’s greatest official residences. Your vacation or trip to Moscow won’t be complete or fulfilling without visiting this attraction. It is home to Russia’s top government offices and notable museums. Here, you get to explore a collection of jewelry, royal treasures of the past, and other exhibitions. The Kremlin will provide you with a taste of modern Russian history as well as local architectural styles.

State Hermitage Museum

As soon as you land in Saint Petersburg for that trip, the Hermitage Museum would be a good place to start your vacation. Founded in 1764, the art and culture museum features a collection of more than three million items from around the globe. In addition to the historical artworks at the Hermitage Museum, the building itself will make everything more interesting.

Winter Palace

What served as the official home for the country’s rulers now houses the State Hermitage Museum and remains one of the most famous buildings in St. Petersburg. Just as there’s St. Basil Cathedral and Red Square in Moscow, there’s the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

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